K.P. Carmody & Co Mark 40 Years - Twin Town Times (2024)

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Elizabeth Robinson, Judy Pigram and Bernadette Corkhill at the Harden office this week. 2016 marks the 40th year since Keith Carmody bought the business and the 60th year since Elizabeth Robinson commenced working at the business.

Keith Carmody.

One hundred years experience is shared between Keith Carmody and Elizabeth Robinson of K P Carmody & Co, solicitors, Harden. “The sign of a good workplace is staff retention,” said Elizabeth Robinson of her workplace of 60 years. I doubt that there are very few who could claim to be still doing and most of all, enjoying their work after 60 years. “When you love the job you do, it’s easy. I have worked with a long list of people over the years,” Elizabeth said. Elizabeth Robinson, nee Collins was one of six children and she clearly remembers attending Cunningar School and the Murrumburrah Public school. She met her husband Gerry Robinson in 1960 and they were married in 1962. Gerry will be remembered as an extremely talented footballer who was one of the fastest wingers in Group 9. Gerry had a long career with South West County Council. Sadly, he passed away in 2001.

When Elizabeth started her working life in Harden she replaced Mary Pounsberry at the local solicitor’s office working for E.L.Macdonald. At that time Brian Brandt, Mary’s husband, was an employed solicitor. Mr Macdonald went into partnership with John Potts in about 1966. Elizabeth speaks very highly of the staff who worked with her over the years beginning with Judith Worth and Helga Sussmith. In 1967 the business was sold to Robert Ockenden who then sold it to Keith Carmody in 1976. Elizabeth says that over the years the technology has changed dramatically. Beginning with manual typewriters, shorthand and Dictaphones, the office now operates under a cloud based system. This means that work can be done on a client’s matter even though the Solicitor with carriage of the matter may not be physically present in the town.

Keith is celebrating 40 years in Harden and Young this year.He said that he doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. Elizabeth said of Keith, that he is a very talented and knowledgeable solicitor. After graduating from Sydney University, Keith came to Young in 1973 and worked with another solicitor before starting his own business in 1976. He bought the business in Harden, changed the name to K.P..Carmody & Co. and later moved across the road to their current premises. Keith said, “I inherited Elizabeth Robinson, our managing law clerk and a wonderful staff. Employed solicitor Bernadette Corkhill views herself as extremely fortunate to have been able to, and continue to draw on the experience and knowledge of both Keith and Elizabeth. Bernadette commenced work for the firm in 2005 as a paralegal and commenced practicing in 2007. The eldest of eleven children, Bernadette is originally from Duramana, via Bathurst and now resides in Boorowa with husband Ashley and their three children. Their eldest child has commenced primary school at Trinity School Murrumburrah. Keith, Elizabeth and Bernadette are very fortunate to have a wonderful team of staff members. Maree Lodge and Judy Pigram keep the Harden office buzzing with activity and between them have clocked up 33 years in the office.

Maree and Judy are experienced staff members who are extremely competent in their respective roles. Outside of work, Keith is married to Helenie. They have eight children. He likes to attend the annual test cricket in Sydney each year. He also enjoys Rugby League and in his spare time he says he breeds slow race horses. K.P. Carmody & Co Solicitors feel privileged to be able to support the local community by assisting clients with their legal matters and to continue the firm’s tradition of providing quality legal advice. The team at K.P. Carmody & Co takes pride in their client to solicitor relationships and are dedicated to serving the client’s best interests. K.P.Carmody can help you with all your legal matters including but not limited to wills and estates, powers of attorney and guardianships, conveyancing, family law and criminal law. Keith Carmody is available for appointments at the Harden Office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Bernadette and Elizabeth are available for appointments three days a week. Congratulations to Keith and Elizabeth on your 40 and 60 years.


K.P. Carmody & Co Mark 40 Years - Twin Town Times (2024)


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