50 basic recipes we're making with whatever is in our pantries (2024)

These 5-ingredient cheesy puffs are cooked in a muffin pan and are perfect for the kids' lunchboxes.

Add this classic stir-fry to your repertoire and dish up these delicious pork and veg noodles for dinner.

Ditch the packet version and easily make your own fluffy pancakes in just four steps! You're welcome.

There are few dishes in existence with the power to comfort and soothe like a mac and cheese recipe can. And this one is our go-to mac and cheese recipe. Whether it's a weeknight wowzer or made to a feed a crowd, there's rarely any leftovers.Why is this our best mac and cheese recipe?This easy mac and cheese recipe (or macaroni cheese recipe) with its creamy, flavourful cheese sauce is one for the ages. It really is such a classic comfort dish. This basic mac and cheese recipe uses cheddar for that full-bodied cheesy flavour and macaroni pasta, though you can use other small pasta shapes too. Then there's that gentle mustard kick thanks to a little Dijon mustard. We've also sprinkled it with panko breadcrumbs and grated parmesan for a satisfying crunch to top it all off. Second helpings, please.It's on the table in next-to-no time and our baked mac only takes 15 minutes in the oven to become golden and bubbling. It serves 4 as a main, but it's a popular side dish as well. You can add some fresh thyme on top to serve, if you fancy it too.What are some mac and cheese variations?Taste.com.au is brimming with macaroni cheese recipes, including our Mac n Cheese Cottage Pie, Mac n Cheese Lasagne, Vegan Mac and Cheese, Mac n Cheese Cob Loaf, Mac and Brie, Mac n Cheese Zucchini Slice, Muffin Pan Mac n Cheese Cups, this slow cooker chicken mac and cheese, and our popular Corn and Bacon topped Mac and Cheese. And, you can use this basic mac and cheese recipe as a base for your own culinary creativity, too.Additional recipe notes written by Sonya Gellert - Food Writer and Recipes Editor.

Start with the basic biscuit bar recipe and go wild with the yummy variations! There is something to excite everyone's sweet tooth! (see notes for variations)

Ready in just 15 minutes, this glazed chilli chicken with feta will be a weeknight winner!

Porridge is one of our favourite healthy breakfast recipes. Quick and easy to prepare, whether in the microwave or on the stovetop, it’s the perfect dish to enjoy as is, or to jazz up with your favourite toppings like fruit, spices and yoghurts - or just classic honey. With oats the primary ingredient in porridge, it’s also one of the best breakfasts to have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As they’re low GI and full of dietary fibre, they’ll keep you fuller for longer.

This easy savoury beef mince recipe is perfect on toast, served with rice or eaten on its own.

Want to know how to make bread in the slow cooker? This super easy recipe only uses six pantry ingredients.

This simple garlic bread recipe is a match made in heaven for all kinds of pasta dishes.

I remember years ago that a friend was amazed I made a roast chicken “from scratch” and didn’t buy a rotisserie chook from the supermarket. Don’t get me wrong, I love supermarket roast chicken but it’s a totally different entity to roasting your own. Roasting a chicken for dinner is the easiest meal you can have. And this basic roast chicken recipe proves it.Why is this our best basic roast chicken recipe?After just ten minutes prep you can stand back and let the oven work its magic. It doesn’t get much easier. Most roast chicken recipes ask you to cook the chicken at 180 degrees for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. This one requires you to cook at 220 degrees for 1 hour. This higher heat means the skin gets super crispy and the lowered cooking time means the flesh stays super moist. Also, placing it on a rack rather than directly on the roasting pan means the air can circulate allowing for even cooking.Planning a Sunday roast with all the trimmings? Try these French onion roasted potatoes, Moroccan-spiced roasted carrots and cauliflower, and this stuffed roast pumpkin.

Our versatile basic sponge cake recipeThis simple sponge cake recipe is easy to whip up for any occasion, and cleverly straddles the line between being soft, light and fluffy while still holding its shape and having a solid crumb. That's no mean feat, but this super sponge shows you it can be both structurally sound yet delicate, simultaneously.Tips for making the perfect sponge cakeOnce the cake mixture is hom*ogeneous, we spin the cake pans to make sure the bubbles are evenly distributed. The cakes are cooked when they spring back when lightly touched. We also suggest turning the cakes out onto wire racks that have been lined with baking paper, to avoid wire marks on the top of the cakes. (We also have some hot tips in our recipe notes, if you're eager to learn more!)What are some recipes I can use this sponge for?This genoise sponge recipe is the perfect vehicle to be layered with jam and cream, but if you’re after a few more ideas, turn it into a passionfruit glazed lemon curd cake, use it in our berry and vanilla bean trifle or incorporate it into this recipe that has a tiramisu twist.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams, recipe tester and food writer.

When done right, a beef burger is food for the soul, but so often the burger you order can be a massive disappointment: dense bread with a dry patty, limp lettuce and not nearly enough sauce. Take all the guesswork out of the equation and start making your own burgers at home. This is our fail-proof beef burger recipeWith this foolproof recipe we give you all the tips and tricks to creating mouth-wateringly good beef burgers every time. Lightly toasted buns are spread with piquant American mustard that anchors the lettuce and tomato, ready to be topped with a perfectly seasoned, juicy beef patty, covered with tangy cheddar cheese. The genius trick in this beef burger recipe is that the onion is grated, rather than chopped, before being added to the mince. The juice from the onion both seasons the mince while adding moisture. This prevents the burger drying out. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or weekend barbecue, this basic beef burger recipe proves that true greatness often lies in simplicity. Want a beef burger but want to make it a little bit healthier? Our low-fat healthier cheeseburger has less fat and more fibre than the regular version, but it’s still big on flavour. We’ve also got loads more burger recipe ideas, so you can find the burger for you – whether it’s gourmet or basic, and for meat lovers or vegetarians.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester

This clever coconut cake recipe by taste member, 'mcrangle' is easy to whip up and tastes fantastic fresh from the oven.

50 basic recipes we're making with whatever is in our pantries (2024)


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