20+ Old Fashioned Slice Recipes (2024)

The ultimate collection of 20+ old fashioned slice recipes... just like grandma used to make! Including all the classic favourites like caramel slice,jelly slice, hedgehog slice and more!

20+ Old Fashioned Slice Recipes (1)

Nothing can compare to an old fashioned slice recipe that's been passed down from generation to generation. These classic slices have certainly stood the test of time and are still just as popular as ever.

They're quick, no-fuss, budget friendly, AND they taste delicious! The perfect combination!

So I've put together a collection of 20 of the most popular old fashioned slice recipes which I'm sure you will enjoy!

20 Classic Slice Recipes

Note: Click on any of the links below to be taken directly to the full recipe (including printable recipe cards with both conventional and Thermomix step-by-step instructions and plenty of recipe tips!)

This apple & sour cream slice is a simple one-bowl, no fuss tea-cake that takes just a few minutes to mix, then bake. And there you have it - a beautiful apple and cinnamon combination, with the creaminess of sour cream added on top of a delicious tea-cake base.

Here's some comments:

***** "Made this to take with me to a family lunch. Nothing came home except the tin. I have another one cooling as I type this. so simple and so tasty with the advantage I could make it the day before."

***** "We loved this slice, I needed to use up a container of sour cream... and this was the perfect way to tick that box. It was devoured in one day with my kids and husband fighting over the last piece"

A classic baked Apple & Sour Cream Slice made with a teacake-style base and topped with layers of sliced apple, sour cream and cinnamon.

5 from 91 votes

Chocolate Caramel Slice

Hands down, this is the BEST caramel slice you will ever eat! Always a favourite and one of my most popular recipes, this chocolate caramel slice is much simpler than you think. And with that rich caramel filling, you only need a little piece to satisfy (but who can stop at one, right???)

Caramel Slice Recipe

The ultimate Chocolate Caramel Slice with three totally delicious layers... a crunchy base, a smooth caramel filling and a chocolate topping. Tried, tested and loved by everyone (and now with both conventional and Thermomix methods!).

5 from 121 votes

Easy Chocolate Coconut Slice

With a deliciously soft and chewy base, and a simple chocolate icing, this slice uses basic baking ingredients, and takes just over 30 minutes from start to finish. No wonder this slice has always been a handy one to feed hungry mouths!

Easy Chocolate Coconut Slice Recipe

The most delicious twolayer Chocolate Coconut Slice recipe ever! The perfect melt & mix recipe that takes just 10 minutes to prepare!

5 from 196 votes

There's a good reason why this slice has always been a firm favourite. Made from a simple biscuit base and tangy lemon icing, it's a perfect flavour combo, and even better - no baking required. Perfect for a lunch-box treat, afternoon tea, and always a winner at the bake sale!

***** "Amazing. Wonderful lemon flavour. Easy to make. Only thing is, make double quantity as these go way too quickly!"

This new and improved Lemon & Coconut Slice recipe is absolutely perfect! A beautiful tangy base topped with a creamy lemon frosting!

5 from 363 votes

Date Slice

Using just basic baking ingredients, and the sweetness of dates throughout, you will find this a really quick and easy, old fashioned slice recipe that the whole family will enjoy. Ready in just 30 minutes and freezer-friendly too - perfect for those last minute 'grab and go' lunchbox fillers.

Date Slice Recipe

A classic melt and mix Date Squares recipe made from just 6 basic ingredients and requiring only 10 minutes preparation time! An old fashioned favourite!

5 from 27 votes

Coconut Rough Slice

This was a 'staple food group' at my Gran's house when I was young, and I still LOVE IT!!!! A yummy crunchy base and a THICK layer of chocolate coconut frosting. It's one of those slices that you just can't get enough of!

Coconut Rough Slice Recipe

This classic Coconut Rough Slice has a crunchy chocolate base topped with a smooth and creamy chocolate coconut frosting. The perfect slice for afternoon tea, lunch boxes or a sneaky late night treat.

5 from 55 votes

Chocolate Hedgehog Slice

A simple mix and melt no-bake recipe that takes hardly any time to prepare. No wonder this is an old fashioned favourite that has been, and still is, incredibly popular. Budget friendly and tastes so good - it's always a winner!

Chocolate Hedgehog Slice Recipe

A quick and easy classic chocolate hedgehog slice made with crushed biscuits, walnuts, coconut, condensed milk and melted chocolate... the perfect melt and mix slice!

5 from 158 votes

Licorice Allsort Slice

I've made this slice a zillion times, and it ALWAYS goes down a treat! I once gave it to a friend who said she didn't like licorice and she rang me that night for the recipe! It's that good!

Licorice Allsort Slice Recipe

So bright, so colourful, so delicious! This really is the ultimate Licorice Allsort Slice recipe... and it's completely no-bake!

5 from 24 votes

Easy Vanilla Custard Slice

This famous old fashioned vanilla custard slice is not too sweet, yet creamy and absolutely delicious. If you're thinking this is a difficult slice to make, check out my recipe for an incredibly easy method - try it, you'll see how simple it is!

Easy Vanilla Custard Slice Recipe

An easy vanilla custard slice recipe made with puff pastry and topped with a classic pink icing! This is just like a bakery-bought vanilla slice!

5 from 47 votes

Easy Jelly Slice

A classic, triple layer slice made with a crushed biscuits and butter base, a condensed milk filling, and raspberry jelly on top. This is a completely no-bake slice, but ensure you allow enough time for chilling - believe me, it is definitely worth the wait!

Jelly Slice Recipe

A super easy Jelly Slice recipe that the whole family will LOVE! This classic favourite is so simple to make... and equally as delicious to eat!!

4.99 from 68 votes

Easy Weet-Bix Slice

Who would have thought the humble Weet-Bix could transform into the best lunch-box or after school snack?? One bowl - half an hour - 'Freckles' optional!!!!

***** "So yummy! Made this for a class party and sprinkled mini marshmallows on top with coconut. Tastes soooooo good. Thank you 🙂"

Weet-Bix Slice Recipe

My super easy Weet-Bix Slice is always a hit with the kids! Perfect for lunch boxes or an after school treat!

5 from 65 votes

Mars Bar Slice

A crunchy chocolate caramel and rice bubble base, topped with a layer of milk chocolate. Forget the fancy equipment, all you need is a microwave, a bowl and a spoon. I'm sure the kids would love to help mixing this one (and licking the mixing spoon too!)

Mars Bar Slice Recipe

Everyone's favourite no-bake Mars Bar Slice recipe couldn't be easier to make... with just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time.

4.99 from 71 votes

Traditional Peppermint Slice

Another old-fashioned slice recipe that remains an all-time favourite. I always get asked for this traditional recipe which is based on a recipe from a very old Country Womens Association (CWA) recipe book - somethings just never go out of style, do they??

Traditional Peppermint Slice Recipe

A perfect 3 layer traditional peppermint slice! You can't go wrong with this all-time family favourite recipe... it's simply the BEST!

5 from 45 votes

Coconut Ice

Whilst not traditionally a 'slice', this old fashioned coconut ice recipe deserves every right to be included here, as it's still as popular as ever. Quick and easy to prepare, you'll have it mixed, and in the fridge in 10 minutes! Yum....

Coconut Ice Recipe

A classic sweet Coconut Ice recipe made with icing sugar,desiccatedcoconut and sweetened condensed milk that takes just 10 minutes to prepare! The perfect slice forfetes, fundraisers and bake sales.

5 from 14 votes

Ginger Crunch Slice

I have an uncle who has always been obsessed with ginger crunch slice. In fact, it's the first thing he buys when he travels to New Zealand where it's an all time classic! With a shortbread-like base, topped with a sweet and creamy golden syrup and ginger icing - it's heaven!

Ginger Crunch Slice Recipe

A classic Ginger Crunch Slice based on the original Edmonds Cookbook recipe... with a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread base and delicious ginger caramel frosting - you'll never be able to stop at just one piece!

5 from 43 votes

Date Squares

These date squares are an old fashioned favourite for many reasons - made from basics, including rolled oats and dates (very budget friendly), simple to make (yay!) and taste absolutely fabulous with a crunchy crumble topping and a sweet date filling. You can serve 'as is', or warm it up up with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream.....so easy, taste delicious!

Date Squares Recipe

Delicious date squares made with a crunchy crumble topping and a smooth, sweet date filling. An old fashioned favourite.

5 from 20 votes

Passionfruit Slice

I love how these classic recipes use the most basic ingredients, yet make the most delcious cakes and slices! This creamy and dainty passionfruit slice is ready to serve in just over half an hour, and I'm sure will be enjoyed by all.

Passionfruit Slice Recipe

An old-fashioned baked passionfruit slice with a light cake base and a creamy passionfruit topping. The perfect morning tea slice!

5 from 72 votes

Easy Lemon Slice

Everyone is familiar with my no-bake lemon and coconut slice also featured in this collection, but this simple BAKED lemon slice is another delicious option to try. We're all 'time poor'....yet this little treat can be mixed and baked in half an hour, and it could, quite possibly, be devoured in the same amount of time!

Baked Lemon Slice Recipe

The easiest and most delicious Baked Lemon Slice.... with the BEST creamy & tangy lemon frosting - this is such a quick, simple and classic slice recipe.

5 from 89 votes

Easy Chocolate Slice

Mix...melt...bake...then ice...This easy chocolate slice is a great one to get the kids involved with. So simple and I'm sure you'll probably find all the ingredients required in the pantry. You just can't beat the taste of a homemade chocolate slice!

Easy Chocolate Slice Recipe

A super easy chocolate slice with chocolate icing and sprinkles... a good old fashioned favourite with the kids (and adults too!).

5 from 36 votes

Anzac Slice

We all love chewy and crunchy Anzac biscuits, right? Well, this budget-friendly slice is a great alternative, and 'time saver', as you just press into a baking tin rather than roll individual biscuits. Perfect for hungry kids (and adults) anytime!

ANZAC Slice Recipe

Ourclassic ANZAC Slice takes just 10 minutes to prepare and is perfect for lunchbox snacks! Chewy, sweet and oh-so-delicious (just like yourfavourite ANZAC biscuits!).

5 from 35 votes

And there you have it! A collection of 20 of my favourite old fashioned slice recipes that remain firmly popular for lots of good reasons.

I hope you will enjoy these as much as my family do!

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The Best No-Bake Slices

It doesn't get any easier than a no-bake slice... and you can totally forget about ever needing to turn the oven on again! Simply mix together and chill in the fridge. So easy and yet so, so delicious!

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20+ Old Fashioned Slice Recipes (2024)


Why does my caramel slice not set? ›

skim condensed milk) instead of full fat milk (it will not set properly), you didn't bake the caramel layer (this makes sure it sets) or you used a recipe where the caramel filling is made without condensed milk (in which case you need a candy thermometer to achieve an exact temperature to ensure it sets).

How to cut caramel slices without cracking? ›

It's most important to score through the chocolate layer with a small sharp knife completely before pressing down firmly through the caramel and base (using a large, flat knife). If you try and cut all 3 layers at once, the chocolate will break and the caramel will squish out the sides.

How do you get caramel to harden? ›

Refrigerate until cooled and hardened. (Best if you refrigerate them overnight, or for several hours. They will be easier to cut and wrap). The caramel will seem hard in the fridge after they're set, but they should be soft at room temperature.

Why is my homemade caramel so runny? ›

Add more sugar to the sauce.

Most caramel sauces are made by caramelizing sugar and adding milk and a little salt. If you increase the amount of sugar in the recipe you'll end up with a thicker caramel. Try increasing the sugar by about 1/3.

How do you thicken caramel for caramel slices? ›

Melt 200g of butter in the microwave (in a large microwavable bowl) for 2-3 minutes, then add the condensed milk and golden syrup. Whisk the mixture well until the butter is thoroughly incorporated. Heat for 6-7 minutes until it is boiling, stirring thoroughly every minute.

Why did my caramel slice split? ›

If the heat is too high, but butter might melt too quickly and can separate from the sugar. Toffee and caramel can also separate if the recipe calls for constant stirring and the candy isn't stirred often enough.

What is the easiest way to cut caramels? ›

When you remove it from the pan, let it sit at room temp for an hour or so, then run a sharp knife around the edge and then turn out onto a cutting mat. I use an old cutting mat that I can no longer use for fabric. I use a pizza cutter to cut the caramel.

How do you fix caramel that didn't set? ›

If caramels are too soft, that means the temperature didn't get high enough. Again place the caramel back into a sauce pan with a couple of tablespoons of water and heat to 244°F. If you don't have a candy thermometer, you can test with a cold water test.

Should you put caramel in the fridge to set? ›

I don't boil the caramel to temperature, and I never have. Once you have poured your caramel onto your shortbread, you have to leave it to set. I usually do this in the fridge because it's quicker.

How long does caramel take to set in the fridge? ›

How long does it take caramel to set? Give your caramel at least two hours to set, or overnight if possible. You can also pop caramel into the fridge to help it set up faster. The caramel will sweat a little when brought out of the fridge, but will still taste fine.


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